one flawed mortal

Ep12: Your Unconscious Mind Rules The Roost

Mar 12, 2021

The FTC is making me tell you that I sometimes use affiliate links.

Your unconscious mind is a powerful and complex network of neurons and structures that is more responsible for your attitudes, behaviours, and habits than you probably realise.

In this episode, I share some examples of how my unconscious has ruled my actions, and how I have started to overcome them.

Also, important announcement: I have moved this show under the Sūvata brand! More details about that to come.

TLDR: Sūvata is my lifestyle modality, and a lot of the subconscious mind work that I do here with One Flawed Mortal is rooted in Sūvata. It only makes sense to bring One Flawed Mortal under Sūvata. Nothing will change for you. Show notes will still be here on


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